New OWAZ Podcast: Episode 1 with Nick Aldrich

So I wanted to make the first one special and awesome. I sat down with my friend, filmmaker Nick Aldrich, to talk about movies and making films. He was an amazing guest to have on and is so passionate about movies. We were in a legit and awesome recording studio on campus in UW-Milwaukee where he had just graduated and where I am stuck at for the next few years. It was a real good time and I’m sure you will enjoy it.

And yes, we talk about Batman.

You can check out his web series Mediocracy on the website

I will try to make the podcast a more regular thing on most, if not every, Wednesday. Don’t worry though, the usual fun nerdy banter between Nick Foy (Quazo) and I (TheChadster) well be back within the coming weeks.

Also, I want to clear up something I said in the beginning because I didn’t have the date in my head but ACEN is May 17-19 in Rosemont, IL. Come see us, say hi, and buy all the awesome stuff.