Man, it was a blast and a half. I’m so not used to spending so much time out of the vendor room. In fact, that’s usually the only part of the convention I see. It all really depends on where the bathrooms are.

This show was the complete opposite. I’m almost never an attendee; the only other attendee-only one I go to is C2E2, and even that’s just a day trip. It was nice to get that experience after having not done it in the last seven or eight years. It was nice to spend each day just hanging out with my friends, who are all small business owners and/or operators, where none of us had any schedules or deadlines or “I can’t hang out today, I’m too busy” moments. It’s safe to say these folks are some of the greatest individuals I’ve ever met.

I guess this counts as a convention report, despite how short it is, so I’ll stick it there!

I’ll leave you with this video that my friend Ty made. He’s an excellent cosplayer and cinemagician (magician of cinema, as opposed to a magician of cinnamon, which is a cinnamagician.) Check him out at Tybbles Cosplay!