So Black Friday recently happened. It’s a thing that comes around, usually when I’m either knee-deep in customers at a restaurant or waist-deep in a food coma. Well, before the latter but after the former, the Strip Search DVD set was released over on PA’s store, and I secured my copy. I could’ve worded that better. Here, have a simplified version of these chronological events:

Food coma, then Strip Search DVD acquisition, then day job where I provide others with a food coma. Circle of life.

Anyway, this is a big deal to me. A little backstory:  As anyone who has spent any extended period of time (more than 10 minutes) with me can attest, I have mentioned how I auditioned for Season 1 of Strip Search, didn’t make the cut, was given a beer by Chad to cheer me up, cheered up, and then fell in love with the show and all the amazing artists that did make the cut.

The first thing I learned about these artists was that they were all very, very good at what they do, way better than me. Since then, I’ve been spending the last two years honing my craft more than ever. The Strip Search crew even noticed this when one of my strips was posted on their website as part of their “Home Edition” version of the eliminations. That’s right, senpai noticed me. While none of my followup comics were posted (ain’t mad, got to make more comics), all it took was that one to plant the seed in my head that yes, I, at the very least, might, have a shot next time around, should that “next time” ever happen.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a number of the cast members since the show aired (Maki, Monica, Lexxy, and Mac), and they’re all amazing people who I’m very happy to have met and supported. Their art either hangs on my wall as prints or upon my torso as a shirt or two. Like my comic being posted on the Strip Search site, talking to these wonderful artists only deepened my desire to go for that potential “next time”, but more importantly, to never give up on comics.

At present, the aforementioned seed is now figuratively buried at depths known only to those who venture downward in pressurized vehicles and those they speak with via radios. You see, the sales of the Strip Search DVD sets are what I’ve been told will greatly impact the probability of a second season. I’ve asked all of the above artists as well as webcomic luminaries slash Strip Search guest judges Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub, two of my favorite all-time cartoonists, when I met them at SDCC 2013. Looking back on it, I’m sure plenty of them were sick of answering that question, so if any of you are reading this and I bugged you with asking, my apologies. You may give me 40 lashes next time we meet if you’re still mad by then. Or I’ll buy you a coffee. We’ll figure it out when the time comes.

So if you loved the show even half as much as I did, please pick up the DVDs. In the meantime, I’ll be timing myself on every comic until they announce a season 2. And if they never announce one, well golly gee, then I guess I’ll have just gotten better at what I love for no good reason, creating comics simply for the sake of doing it. Madness! Madness, I tells ya!

It’s a madness I’ll be able to live with that, though.