So I’ve heard some of you like this Boris fellow, which is good because he’s fun to write, what with his meatball stature and Russian accent. Yes, he’s Russian, but he’s not in a hurry. Get it? I should mention right now that I handled that joke with care, as it’s an antique.


Anyway, the Child’s Play Charity is still going on, and going quite strong, as they just exceeded the 2012 goal with weeks to spare. As someone who was lucky enough to never have to go to the children’s hospital growing up, this is incredibly awesome for those who can’t be afforded such a luxury. I’m proud to say that I give every year, and you all should, too, despite their goal being reached. Every dollar helps more toys and games get into the hands of kids who want nothing more than to resume their roles as kids. Hell, even as an adult I’d want my 3DS with me if I had to stay overnight at a hospital.