Id’ warn you that there are puns ahead, but you most likely read the comic already and are seeking some sort of apology due to aforementioned awful wordplay here. No such thing exists. I don’t have any shame when it comes to puns and wordplay, so you’re just going to have to (apply sunglasses) deal with it.

I seriously wish I were at PAX East right now. I really want to meet not only the PA crew, but also the contestants on Strip Search. They’re all amazing artists and I’d love to get to know them all better, perhaps even become buds at some point.

Meeting people on the internet to become friends: Just fifteen years ago, such an endeavor was solely reserved for people who fancied windowless vans.

Moving right along, the Adventure Time Fundraiser Preorder Extravaganzapaloozathon is still going strong! Get your sweet Adventure Time charms while you can! Just one week remains! After that, you’re out of luck (at least in this context) FOREVER!

Also, if you’re attending Middle Tennessee Anime Convention next weekend in Nashville, TN, be sure to stop by the Artist Alley and say hello! I’ll have some new items, including OWAZ stuff!