Some people just don’t know how to haggle. A dollar off here and there on the last day of the convention? Sure, some vendors will do that. Almost half off on a Friday? Now THAT’S comedy!

You may notice the bottom text is a different typeface from the one I usually use. You may also notice the tardiness in the comic. These are caused by a multitude of factors, the biggest being my laptop most likely having driven itself to live on a nice farm upstate, if you know what I mean.


He’s dead, Jim. It also caused the lateness in the previous comic.


In better news, I’ll be vending again this weekend in Atlanta at Momocon! I’ll be working the First Frame booth, my other convention endeavor, so if you’re going, come say hi, but put on your bargaining pants. You know, those nice ones. Not the ones with the rip on the side.