Coming back to something that was a reflex for half a decade after a six month absence is weirdly more daunting than you think. Luckily, once you start back up, you realize after a few minutes that all the difficulty was in your head. Since the update schedule got interrupted, I’ve gone to two dozen conventions, the last eight of which were consecutive. And I am very tired. Happy, but very tired.

I spent the last week or so holed up in my room cranking out various artistic endeavors, including today’s comic, and even though, I’m still very tired, I’m even happier. One of the things I’ve been working on is venturing out into the world of Let’s Plays with my better half, Stephanie. Come watch us play video games and do silly voices and exchange stories about life, conventions, video games, and everything in between.




We’re no Game Grumps just yet, but we hope you’ll join us! You can tell we’re nervous as all hell in the first few episodes, but I’m really happy with how they turned out. Give our channel a subscribe! So far, we’re playing Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, and Pokemon Uranium, a fan-made Pokemon game with a plethora of original Pokemon and its own region! We’ve got some plans for other games, but we’re open to suggestions!


I’m also going to mention that I have one of those Patreon things! You can support my artistic endeavors regularly and get cool stuff in the process! Things like bonus art, behind the scenes looks at projects like comics and videos, even stuff like exclusive prints, sketches, and more!

Thank you all for always supporting me and all the creative things I do, as well as all the love and patience that comes with it. You’re all neato burritos.