Well, while it’s a bummer to announce, I saw it coming for the last week or so. Our Kickstarter, unfortunately, did not get funded. Sure, it sucks, but I learned a lot in terms of the ins and outs of Kickstarter. The KS will return again with new and exciting rewards and other neat stuff, too.

In better Kickstarter news, the lovable scamps over at Penny Arcade reached the 450K mark last week, meaning Strip Search, their webcomics-meets-Iron-Chef reality show, is a go. I’ve already entered and am harassing people in every corner of my social network presence to use the hashtag #owaz4stripsearch as well as link to the article I wrote about wanting to be on said show. Got a Twitter account? Follow me if you haven’t already and then use the hashtag. I’ll be sure to say something nice to you if you do!