What have I learned in two years of making comics? When in doubt, poop joke.

Man, oh man! 2013 is gearing up to be a rad year for me! I’ve been confirmed for Anime Milwaukee 2013 AND Anime Central 2013, two of my all-time favorite conventions. Some big stuff is also in the pipeline in the way of merchandise, both OWAZ and Quazo Productions-related. It’s a lot of stuff that means a lot to me that I’m sure will mean a lot to you, too. You guys are seriously awesome for always being so supportive of the amazing journey I’m giving these characters in my headbrain.

Also, today’s comic is the 100th one made in 2012, and the 154th total, in case you were curious. I still can’t believe I’ve made a hundred comics in one year. If you were to tell me that two years ago, I’d call you a liar and probably wish for someone to spit in your brunch because I thought you lied to me.

Again, you know how I always say that I shouldn’t write blog posts right before bed as opposed to right when I wake up? Yup, this is one of those pre-nightnight posts.

TL;DR – Big rad things on the way, 100 comics in 2012, you = rad. Me = smiling gent.