My comic counterpart, aptly named Quazo, isn’t exactly vindictive, he just enjoys justice. Think of him as a misguided Batman. This is not unlike the real life Quazo, which you may recall is me, who just last night turned a 5-hour shift at the day job into a 9-hour shift. I told my coworkers that I was not the hero the store deserved, but the hero the store needed.

No one got that it was a Batman joke, further reinforcing the point that I need to make THIS my full time job with your support.

Speaking of things to support, if you’ve made it here from the Facebook group and you’re new to this OWAZ tri-panel circus, let me welcome you and thank you for your decision to chill with me. There’s a multitude of ways to support the comic, not all of which require you to open your wallet. The simplest way (besides simply reading and keeping my comic and me in your heart) is to vote for it on That numerical device to the bottom right of the strip? That’s the thing to click. It takes just a moment and there’s no signup. No exchange of personal info, unless every mouse click causes you to shout out your social security number or something. In that case, I suggest doing so in private.

Another way to support the comic is simply to give me any sort of cash donation in a denomination of your choosing via Paypal. Simple as that.

The best way, however, is to look into the first OWAZ charity event, Extravaganzapaloozathon Part 1. I’ll be doing a short run of Adventure Time charms and necklaces to help not only fund the first OWAZ book, but also to help out my favorite charity, Child’s Play, which gets toys and games to children’s hospitals. There’s a Facebook event for it that’s worth checking out, since you’re clearly into that site.