Comics like this allow me to tinker with lighting effects. I’m learning something new with each comic I make. And honestly, this is one of my favorites to date. I love the lighting, the punchline still makes me smile even after multiple reads, and I think the art (especially the facial expressions) is spot-on.

In other news, I learned yesterday that I was not selected for Penny Arcade’s new webcomics reality show, Strip Search. While this is a bummer, I understand that there were hundreds upon hundreds of applicants, and I’m appreciative that they even put the opportunity out there in the first place. I’m still going to watch the show and learn as much as I can from it, which will in turn make for an even better OWAZ. In their email to me, they did state that there will most likely be another season of Strip Search in the future, and you’d better believe I’m going to be all over that!

As for right now, I’m currently sitting in the most peaceful corner of an otherwise bustling Starbucks, sipping my iced quad caramel macchiato. I am at this particular Starbucks because across the street from said establishment is the one and only Geek.Kon! I’ll be selling in their Artist Alley all weekend at table A7. Be on the lookout for the Otakuz With a Z banner! I’ll be selling all my wares as well as busting out sketches here and there. If you’re going to Geek.Kon, say hello!