Personally, I don’t get the whole Homestuck thing. I attribute most of that to feeling like I’m not the key demographic, though secretly (well, not so secretly now), I just consider the whole comic (and I use that term loosely) to be an exercise in straight-up banality. I’m sure there are people who feel the same about OWAZ, but my target demographic isn’t “everyone everywhere forever and ever.” Such demographics are reserved for more essential activities like breathing and Netflix.

No Brand Con was nice. I was a guest, I did panels, and even had a Homestuck fan walk out of a panel for saying that I didn’t get it.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello, those of you who attended my panels, and everyone at the con in general. My next con isn’t until mid-May, Anime Central, so I have time to stock up on lots of awesome, new merchandise!