December has descended upon us, like a plague of locusts, only the locusts are not bugs but holiday cheer. I’ve still accomplished zero Christmas shopping, but if YOU want to get some done, there’s always the Quazo Productions Etsy shop! At the time of writing this, all orders both U.S. and international will arrive by Christmas, so be a good example for me and get some shopping done!

I do plan on getting around to my CAD-related blog post, but I want it to be just right. As I said (or believe I said; I may have just thought it), it’s not so much going to be a “nyah nyah, your house of cards came crashing down around you, Tim” post as it is a “Here’s what not to do and what I’ve learned in my experience so far” style post. It is not my goal to become anyone’s villain, nor do I plan on having anyone assume that role for me, no matter how inevitable it seems in this business.

I also plan on doing a little post for my favorite charity, Child’s Play, in addition to giving them some free ad space, which will happen in the next day or so. They do crazy amounts of good for children’s hospitals, so they deserve your dollars.