So Chad and I braved the 90 degree weather that felt necessary to present itself at 8am yesterday so that we could poke at religious zealots. The mood was quite mixed: They would shout incessantly at cars and the nearby church (across four lanes of traffic and a divider), as well as us counter protesters, and we would respond with humor or contradictory bible verses. Within five minutes us getting there, we easily outnumbered them, so in case some dogmatic game of Red Rover started, we’d be in pretty great shape. Chad, wearing his Batman mask, stole the show quite easily, snagging up pictures like he was the winner of an impromptu cosplay contest. I was there, too.¬†And here’s one of the whole gang, with friends of the comic Julia and Christos with us.

The WBC people (whose website I will not link to because it is one of the few things in the world that legitimately offends me) for some reason have this reputation of being all in your face and provoking and such, but they were actually very run of the mill in terms of protestors. If you weren’t talking to them about the “Lawd Awmighty” and how you two are BFFs, they’d completely ignore and just pretend you aren’t there. Needless to say, when I asked them about Fifty Shades of Grey, I was greeted with silence (the counter protesters found it funny, so feel free to try it if WBC invades your neighborhood). I was met with a similar response when I asked them if they’d see Magic Mike with me. I guess when WBC tricks you into joining, they make you sacrifice the part of your brain that understands whimsy.

And logic. And reason.