I make exactly zero apologies for this comic, you guys. I mean, I don’t apologize for any comics I make, but I especially don’t apologize for this one. In fact, I negative apologize for it; I’m so unsorry that if I ever apologize for another comic, this will negate it.

I thought Frozen was awesome, but I can agree with some of the things people were saying about it in regards to Ana and Elsa’s relationship, ie. it was too formal at times. But hey, it’s a Disney movie, and if you can suspend your disbelief about a girl with ice powers and a talking snowman, you can suspend it about other things, too.

I came up with this strip during the song “Let It Go.” Ryan, Treavor, and Katia (who has yet to be in a comic but maybe someday!) all must have thought I had lost my mind because I started giggling.