Nope, not a reference to some sort of German Beetlejuice; just the best play on words I could come up with in regards to ghosts.

So in three days, I leave for Youmacon, as I’ve stated ad nauseum. If you’re going, you best be keeping an eye on the Twitter feed for not only all of my nonsense, but also vital information on the status of the con, including where to find me. Or if you’re a sworn enemy, use that knowledge to be where I’m not. If you ARE going, then you’ll be excited to know that I’ll have loads of new merchandise and a bit of an updated look. Things will be swankier, so you best prepare yourself.

In that three day period, however, I’ll mostly be doing insane amounts of prep; getting Friday and next Monday’s comics finished ahead of time, finishing merchandise, screaming incoherently a la Earl of Lemongrab.

Y’know, the usual.