Jeez, can I go ONE story arc without killing anyone? Actually, well, yeah, I’ve gone one whole story arc without killing anyone; the convention story, which started here. No one technically died in the Dee & Derwood one, either; someone just got banished to their own personal hell. Anyway, burgers are good. Sometimes, too good.

Sugoicon was absolutely fantastic. Not only were sales some of the best I’ve had all year, but the attendees were nothing but awesome people. In case you’ve never seen my booth setup, I have various OWAZ comics printed and laminated and on display at my booth to give people some reading material and better acquaint them with the strip. I also have free sample comics that folks can take along with my business card. I got lots of complements on the strip and even met some people telling me about how they plan on starting their own strips. I’ve always seen this as a good thing; never with the mindset of “That just means more competition.” More comics out there means more opportunities for people to laugh and have their daily routines improved.

So again, thank you to anyone and everyone that came out to see me at any of the cons this year. I can’t even begin to tell you how much it means to me to have seen each and every one of you. You all helped make 2012 my best convention year yet! Let’s make it even more awesome for 2013!