I’ll admit, I’ve only watched the first episode of Firefly at the time of writing this, but I aim to fix that. Dee, however, seems to have seen more.

September’s going to be a crazy month, what with three back to back (to third, mutated back) shows. They are as follows…


Geek.Kon – Madison, WI. 9/7 – 9/9

This one will at least be nice in that it’s very close to where I’m currently living. I sadly did not get a chance to attend last year, but the year before was quite a treat. People of Madison, prepare yourselves for destructi– err, cool stuff that I made. Sorry, force of habit.


Aoi Uma Con – Louisville, KY. 9/14 – 9/16

I’ve never been to this one, but I was told to check it out by some highly reputable convention friends. If you’re in that area (perhaps I met you at MTAC back in April?), come say hello!


Ramencon – Merrillville, IN. 9/21 – 9/23

Another con I’ve never attended, but the nice fella organizing the show flat-out told me he wanted me there and the show would be better for it. Apparently, the quickest way to my heart is occasionally through my ego, because I agreed and signed up. In addition to that, several convention friends have gone there with tales of success, my friend designed their freaking mascot, and attendance numbers are there to back up the data. (Believe me, I don’t want another QC Anime-zing incident.)


So if you’re in any of these areas and you need a legitimate reason to skip school/work/mandolin lessons, come see me! I’ll have lots of cool stuff and you’re sure to find something you enjoy, even if that thing is just chatting it up with yours truly.