Throughout the many strips you are perusing are a cast of characters that you will eventually know, love, be betrayed by, and then love again with a passion unparalleled. Some are modeled after real people, some are absolute fabrications, too ethereal for this world…


College student by day, freelance graphic designer by night, Quazo loves the arts. He is a lover of all things Pokemon and anime and frequently attends anime conventions, often with Chad in tow. While often too patient for his own good, he can have his moments where he can be more off his rocker than Chad. He hides it well, but in times where he needs to be heard, his weirdness serves as his loudest voice.


Also a student of college as well as a connoisseur of all things heavy metal, Chad is good at being the first person in the room to come up with a groan-inducing pun or play on words. Don’t let this fool you, he is actually a rad dude. Chad seeks the laughter of all, even if it at his own expense.


A demon who was kicked out of Hell for being too nice, Dee is the strong, silent type of the group. She was the first character to be designed for the comic strip. Oddly enough, she is the most level-headed character of the strip and frequently finds herself being the voice of reason. However, this doesn’t mean she does not posses a bad side; She is a demon, after all.


The most outspoken (borderline vulgar) character of the strip, Yuni is a half human, half unicorn girl. Her father is a unicorn and her mother is, when infused with the mighty social lubricant known as alcohol, a woman of little standards. She has a dirty mind which she is not afraid to voice. I’m not sure why, maybe that’s her unicorn side. While frequently the first one in the room to bust out an offensive sexual joke, she is oddly not incredibly promiscuous.


Gogo is a ghostly spirit that haunts the strip with cuteness. Shortly before her fourteenth birthday, she was murdered by her parents in an attempt to acquire a reality show. She is able to phase through solid objects and float around, what with being a ghost and all. The most naive character in the strip, many of Yuni’s crude jokes will often go over Gogo’s head and will just assume that her mortal guardians are just being genuinely silly.