Otakuz With a Z is a bi-weekly webcomic about five friends, not all of whom are human, who run a restaurant when they’re not getting into otherworldly situations. The comic jumps back and forth between story arcs and single-gag comic strips, both about nerd culture (gaming, cartoons, science, just plain silliness).

Otakuz With a Z is also the name of a business that you may have seen at an anime convention near you! If you work for an anime convention, chances are I referred you here via an application form for a convention’s vendor/artist alley (most likely artist alley) space. Well you’ve come to the right place!

10346628_10101910697194568_9169595762710267323_nMy artist alley table at Anime Central 2014.

Chances are that you’re here because you need to see samples of my work for you to review to see if I fit the bill for your convention. I sell a wide variety of goods, both original and fanart. (If your convention doesn’t allow fanart, I’ve no problems with not displaying it at your show.)

But first, a little background about myself. I live in northern Indiana and have been doing convention artist alleys for several years now. I’m a regular at large shows like Anime Central and Youmacon, but I’m happy to attend smaller shows like Ramencon, Anime Milwaukee, and many others.

I was also a guest of honor at No Brand Con 2013, where I had a booth in the dealer’s room and ran several panels that covered things like how to start a webcomic, as well as running an artist alley table, both of which had very engaging Q&A sessions afterwards. If you’re interested in having someone for a potential panel, feel free to email me!

When it comes to my products, I firmly believe that quality is key. I strive to have products that are made from quality materials and have had considerable time, thought, and effort put into them. If I wouldn’t buy it, I don’t want to sell it. I understand that many AA’s are juried, and that I am competing for a spot. I can tell you right now that however much other artists want a spot at your convention, I want it more. When you bring me into your artist alley, you’re bringing on an artist and business owner with experience, professionalism, a positive attitude, integrity, and a strong desire to contribute to the convention as a whole.



My highest ticket items are my tee shirts. I currently have two designs with more in the works, all of which are original creations. (“Play With Me” shirt design shown below.)


I also sell a variety of original acrylic cell phone charms and necklaces. The acrylic is waterproof, scratch resistant, and shatter resistant. The image is printed directly onto the acrylic, meaning it will not crack, peel or fade with time.


Don’t want to break the bank if you’re shopping at my table? No problem! I also sell a variety of inexpensive items like button sets and badges! Many of these are fanart, but I also carry an array of original buttons and badges as well. All in all, fanart accounts for well under half of my total inventory.

And now I bring you to my spotlight product: My original comic book. It contains the first 100 OWAZ comics, as well as bonus comics that can’t be found anywhere else, as well as a bunch of other cool stuff like creator commentary, early concept art, and more! I have a second book in development as well.1234134_10101475379993728_1738491295_n


Alright, enough sappy stuff. Here’s a picture of some cute geckos I drew.


Thank you for taking the time to check out my stuff! If you require further samples of my work, send me an email and I’ll be more than happy to send you as many as you need!