No, this isn’t the end of the series, nor is it a hiatus, so let’s get that out there right away. Since I’m only good for writing one blog post a year nowadays, I might as well do it about this.

While I’m super proud of the comic and how far it has come, I need a hidden break period to recharge my batteries creatively. Drawing artsy Christmas presents for family definitely helped, as it had been a while since I devoted any large amount of time or effort to something artistic that wasn’t contained in a series of panels. That, and depression’s a bitch that likes to think it’s hot shit from time to time. And sometimes it get’s a few victories in there and makes you think the best course of action is to hide in your room for days on end dressed as a sea turtle. That last sentence might disprove the whole “Nick doesn’t feel funny or creative” statement, but it is in fact ripped from the non-fiction headlines of my recent life.

So what is there to fill time time? Comics, of course! I need to get reacquainted with the medium in a way where it doesn’t feel like work. The best way to do that is to experience life a bit more and actually leave the house in search of funny experiences. That, and drawing, obvs. Lots and lots of drawing.

For the next three weeks, I’ll be sharing a tale that had only been previously available through the first OWAZ comic book. It takes place just after this strip and concludes right before this strip, which explains the suddenly ancient artwork being presented as (somewhat) new material.

I’m not quitting comics; far from it. If anything, I love it more than ever; I just don’t want to keep going with the first idea I come up for a strip with versus going with the best idea.

If you need to send me hate mail regarding this, use the links on the right. Just remember that I’m built like Ross.