I know it’s incredibly rare for me to make a blog post that’s not accompanied by a comic, but I want this one to be easily accessible, even after multiple comics have been posted.

It’s special to me.

Last week, everyone got a bonus comic, aptly titled “ElimComic One“, in response to this article. In short, create a comic using the same parameters as the elimination challenges. In this case, make a comic in 90 minutes or less that uses two randomly chosen subjects: mermaids and ukuleles. Anyway, I submitted my comic idea (and gave everyone here a surprise Wednesday strip) and hoped for the best. Using the #ElimComic hashtag on Twitter, I was able to scope out the competition (if you even want to call it that, as all the other artists were rad and this was all in good fun).

I wasn’t expecting anything to happen with it, but yesterday, I got a tweet from Penny Arcade graphic designer and Strip Search producer Erika Sadsad:


I was, and still am, freaking ecstatic! The whole Strip Search audience got to see my hard work! The creators of the freaking show liked it enough to put it on their site! This is, to say the least, one of the highest points of my webcomic career. I’m going to use this as fuel to just keep on working my hardest at everything I do, especially comics. I love comics. I love making them, I love reading them, I love sharing them, and I love encouraging other people to enjoy them as much as I do.

While a second season of Strip Search isn’t officially confirmed, the producers would be silly not to do one, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m going to be gunning for one for those spots. Having my comic posted on the Strip Search site not only shows that I can do it, but I should do it.

So I’m gonna do it.


(I’ll post more on this as it tumbles out of my head.)