You heard that correctly, folks. Extravaganzapaloozathon. It’s a word I made up for this special occasion. I was rather bummed earlier this year when the Kickstarter for the first OWAZ book didn’t pan out. It’s good that it provides a safety net for the folks that are willing to pay ridiculous amounts to see something awesome come to life, but it left the amount of funds put forth for the book at a stifling total of $0. I decided that this simply would not do. I held off for a bit and allowed the fan base grow a bit, and now I feel ready for something like this.

This fundraiser is quite simple: Buy awesome stuff and have the money go to awesome things. As the picture illustrates, I will be selling a short run of Adventure Time acrylic necklaces. When I say short run, I mean that these will only be available for pre-order for four weeks and after that, they are gone. Starting today, December 21st and going until 11:59PM on January 18th, 2013, these six necklaces will be available for pre-order for $10 each, meaning that they will not ship until about two weeks after the pre-order ends. Again, once January 19th is upon us, these necklaces will NEVER be available for purchase again. These are limited-edition items and will not be re-printed once the sale ends. Also, I will not be selling them at cons. The four-week window we are currently in is your only opportunity to get one of these, so get them while you can.

As the picture also shows, the money you spend will be going to two homes. One is a savings account to put money away for the Otakuz With a Z Vol. 1 books. This isn’t “pay my bills until I can someday afford the books” money, this is “to be used for the books and the books only” money. The other home to your funds will be my favorite charity, Child’s Play. Child’s Play provides toys and games to children’s As you’ve no doubt seen in the comic newsposts lately, I’ve been plugging Child’s Play quite a bit, and 50% of the proceeds from this fundraiser will be going to Child’s Play as a gift from the Otakuz With a Z fans.

If the fundraiser isn’t your cup of tea but you still feel like donating to Child’s Play, the donation page is right here. Please give generously.

So to reiterate and give you fine folks a neatly truncated version: Fundraiser with Adventure Time necklaces, 50% of the proceeds go to OWAZ books, and 50% goes to the Child’s Play charity. Four weeks to buy, after which these charms will never be offered again.

All of the charms can be found on my Etsy page here! Go! Buy! Support an awesome comic and an extra awesome charity!